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Content Israel is the largest content marketing conference in Israel!

It brings together industry leaders from publishers, agencies, brands and startups for a detailed look at the strategies, technologies, and platforms used for content marketing.

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Brian Spivak

Barzel Media

Brian Launched Barzel Media in response to the widespread impact of the events on October 7th. Prior to this, he had assumed leadership of the influencer marketing division at the Hostage Forum, guiding influencers and celebrities to leverage their platforms as positive voices for the Hostages. Witnessing the significant repercussions for Pro Israel influencers facing loss of partnerships and income, Brian recognized the need for proactive action. Thus, Barzel Media was born, dedicated to aligning brands supportive of Israel with like-minded influencers.

Brian moved to Israel 10 years ago and lives in Tel Aviv and is a single father to two wonderful daughters. Outside of work, you can find Brian snowboarding, playing ice hockey, or on the tennis courts.

All Sessions by Brian Spivak

Influence and Integrity: How to craft a content strategy without compromising your Pro-Israel Values.

Exploring the Importance of Companies Advocating for Israel Offering insights into effective advocacy. Examining Misconceptions and Risks, with Case Studies Discover actionable strategies to authentically demonstrate support for Israel, turning principles into strategic assets.