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Content Israel is the largest content marketing conference in Israel!

It brings together industry leaders from publishers, agencies, brands and startups for a detailed look at the strategies, technologies, and platforms used for content marketing.

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Ilana Shabtay

VP of Marketing, Fullpath

Ilana is an experienced marketer, innovator, and growth hacker with an expertise in digital marketing and artificial intelligence. With a background in sales and enterprise partnerships, she is always thinking about fostering new relationships to grow business. Ilana sits on the Expert Panel at Dealer Marketing Magazine and has spoken at several conferences including Digital Dealer and CBT News. Ilana is also the host of the Inside Auto Podcast where she interviews top dealers and marketers in and out of the automotive industry. Ilana holds a degree from Columbia University and now lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and two sons.

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Give the People What They Want: How Switching to Demand Generation Helped Increase Our MQLs

Gatekeeping your content may be costing you more leads than it creates. In this session we will dive into the difference between lead generation and demand generation, and the business implications that come with each strategy. We will review the role of content in building demand and how to create an effective, long-term demand generation strategy that can drastically improve your brand positioning and increase your lead haul. Key takeaways: What is demand generation and how does it create a long-term, sustainable content marketing strategy that can replace traditional lead generation practices? How can you plan for demand generation and map diverse content to reach your target audiences? Why measuring the impact of your content strategy on key metrics such as MQLs, brand awareness, organic traffic, and engagement is critical for the success of the strategy.