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Content Israel is the largest content marketing conference in Israel!

It brings together industry leaders from publishers, agencies, brands and startups for a detailed look at the strategies, technologies, and platforms used for content marketing.

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Jennifer Gutman

Director of Product and Customer Marketing, Oktopost

Jennifer Gutman passionately believes that social media is the anchor of any successful B2B marketing strategy. As the Director of Product and Customer Marketing at Oktopost, she has played a pivotal role in transforming how B2B organizations manage and measure social media since joining the company in 2014, when the team was just five members strong. Jennifer’s extensive experience in B2B marketing includes working closely with Oktopost customers of all sizes to implement, train, and scale their employee advocacy programs. She also leads all of Oktopost’s certification workshops, which are designed to train and upskill B2B social media managers in best practices and strategy in different areas of social media management. Through these workshops, she has helps dozens of organizations leverage social media as a force multiplier to drive revenue growth and help marketers earn their seat at the strategy table.

All Sessions by Jennifer Gutman

Unlocking the Power of Content: Using Employee Advocacy for Engaging and Impactful Distribution

Content with no distribution strategy is as good as no content at all. You've got to understand how to distribute it effectively because otherwise content is sitting idle and becomes wasted potential, or worse, a recipe for missed opportunities. In this session, we’ll dissect one of the most powerful distribution channels available to any organization: their employees. We’ll show you how to create an effective employee advocacy program that’s not just engaging for your team, but also super effective at distributing your content. We'll explore how you can transform your employees into brand ambassadors, amplifying your content's reach and impact in a way that's simple, intuitive, and incredibly powerful. This is a session you won’t want to miss as we promise it will change the way you think about content distribution.