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Sales Kenes 2021

Resa Gooding

Co Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist a Cacao Media

It’s no secret that Resa Gooding is an expert when it comes to Marketing Automation and CRM systems. With a background in statistics, Resa first fell in love with the world of marketing after moving to Israel from the Caribbean, and found that marketing was an ideal platform to use her statistics background. With a unique ability to transcend cultural/language barriers, Resa has successfully connected and worked with business owners in all industries, from startups to traditional companies. Her unique perspective on business and life has led her to rise up and claim her spot in the agency world. 

As co-founder and Client Services Director of Cacao Media, Resa is passionate about helping companies scale to success using cutting-edge CRM and marketing automation systems. As a HubSpot-certified Platinum Partner Agency with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and Nairobi, Resa and her team are able to help startups and traditional companies align and automate their sales and marketing campaigns so they can spend more time closing deals (instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks). 

When she’s not planning/executing her clients’ marketing strategies or training teams, she’s likely to be found at a co-working space giving marketing and sales advice to anyone who requests it.

All Sessions By Nicky Kelly​

How outbound has changed in the last year(s) but the basics are still in play

Outbound has been changing a lot. The ‘pray and spray’ attitude is finally going away and is being replaced with quality outreach methods which are more personalised, diverse and strategically calculated. Within this presentation we will go over the key elements of setting up a successful outbound channel for 2021.