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April Barnoy

VP Global Sales Development

April Barnoy has been part of the Sisense sales team since day one, which in Sisense time, is exactly eight years. Throughout this time, April has led and developed the processes that allow the team to learn, evolve, and drive the global sales development function of the company. 


By working hand-in-hand with both the Marketing and Sales Leadership teams, her team helps prospects discover what makes Sisense so great. Growing from 1 to 45, the team is now directly responsible for building the pipeline and revenue of the company.  



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Building Sales Development Teams

Deciding to build an SDR/BDR/ADR team is not an easy decision for an organization to make. You must invest the right resources, time and effort for its success. The team’s main goal is to identify, connect with, and qualify leads that will provide a constant stream of pipeline for your sales team. First, you must ask yourself, are we ready to build an SDR team? If the answer is yes, then what do we need to take into consideration when doing so?  

5 main components you need to know when building an SDR team: 

Interviewing & Hiring   

Targets & Compensation



Career Path 

Like every department, the SDR teams have their challenges which need to be addressed on a constant basis. BUT, if you build a strong SDR team, your AEs can focus on the bottom of the funnel leads/prospects to increase revenue.