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Sales Kenes 2021

Cris Mendez

Senior Sales Manager at Drift

Ex-special forces and former Navy rescue swimmer, Cris was born in Brazil and raised in Boston. Father, husband and a life dedicated to developing high caliber leaders. Cris is a strategic thinker with a clear sense of purpose and emphasis in winning. He carries significant enterprise grade and velocity sales experience with 10+ years of sales leadership experience. Proven ability to overcome obstacles and achieve: results, build scalable sales teams, channel partners, lead top level talent, identify new business opportunities, and increase market penetration with higher standards of execution.

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Increase sales revenue & productivity (without increasing headcount)

Outbound has been changing a lot. The ‘pray and spray’ attitude is finally going away and is being replaced with quality outreach methods which are more personalised, diverse and strategically calculated. Within this presentation we will go over the key elements of setting up a successful outbound channel for 2021.