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Sales Kenes 2021

Ella Stahl

VP Sales at Gamitee

Ella is an entrepreneur at heart. She founded her first business at 16, an event planning business where she managed the clients and relationships for 8 years. Ella studied computer science and cognitive studies and continued to stay in the startup world. For the last 2 years, she has been heading the sales team at the Jeruslaem-based startup Gamitee.

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What social distancing taught us about social shopping

Shopping is a social experience. The clothes we wear, the brands we like, the designers we choose, and the products we use define not only our likes and dislikes but our status, our values, and our social circle. Talking to your loved ones has always been an integral part of decision-making, and shopping is no different. According to Kissmetrics, 93% of Millenials have made a purchase based on a recommendation from friends or family. As eCommerce and online shopping grows, our need for support from our social circle is also going online. What are the effects of shopping together? And how has COVID sped this process up even more?
 A study of a social commerce tool over the last 3 years.