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Sales Kenes 2021

Liron Kaplan

Revenue Growth Consultant & Trainer.
Global Sales & Distribution Expert. Co-Founder at Bseller

Liron is a Business Growth Consultant, Trainer and Speaker. Over the past 15 years, Liron has been managing sales teams, partnerships and distribution channels across Europe, Middle-East, Asia and America. In one of his previous roles as V.P Sales & Strategic Business Development of the MIGVAN group, Liron was part of the leading team to execute and complete 3 M&A processes in 3 years. These days, as Bseller Co-Founder, he is mainly working with global companies to transform traditional sales activities to the digital space and enable growth with remote work tools.

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Video Prospecting for Outbound professionals

Outbound sales have always been a challenge for sales professionals. These days, business buyers are flooded daily with offers made by humans, bots and email marketers. The sales challenge of overcoming the “noise” and reaching a meaningful interaction with cold prospects is only getting bigger. On this short lecture you will get a sneak peek into how Video Prospecting can be a game changer in your outbound activities. The lecture will reveal why and how Video Prospecting is used by top outbound professionals and will provide you with 3 easy tips you can use today to start video prospecting and convert more cold prospects into leads.