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Scott Jonasz

Scott Jonasz

VP Global Sales

Scott’s passion for global sales, business development, negotiation, team development, and entrepreneurialism can be traced back to his elementary years when he opened a school bookstore in 5th grade and sold his lawn mowing business before heading off to college.

Since then Scott earned consecutive Top Producer awards in sales and business development during his tenure at AT&T and General Electric.   Taking his sales and business development knowledge, he founded and sold two mobile and telecom companies – which created opportunities for him to engage, grow, and train a team of 100+ sales professionals.

Scott’s entrepreneurialism continued, founding and selling a mobile security software company, then was lured to Arizona to run Insight Enterprises, a $6Billion Value-Added Reseller’s mobility business.   Scott worked with Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint and grew Insight’s mobility revenues to $50M. Scott enabled 400 sales professionals to sell mobility services – and based on his success he was recruited by Ingram Micro, a $45Billion Global Value-Added Distributor to lead their global mobility strategy.  There Scott was responsible for 30,000 global resellers, a line-card of 256 mobility products, and a team of product, sales, and marketing professionals. As the Head of Global Mobility Strategy at Ingram, Scott and the team grew their annual revenue to over $3B which allowed him to start a software company, where he managed global development resources, and within the first 18 months took the company to generate $6M in annual revenue. 

Following the sale of that company, Scott was recruited by the Gap Partnership to teach Skilled Negotiation to executive leadership teams managing over $150Billion in annual revenues from companies such as Target, Tesco, Teva, DT, Mercedes and Walmart among others.

Scott enjoys lending his experience in raising millions in funding, creating high-producing strategic partnerships and channel programs, and revenue orchestration to business professionals. 


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Revenue Orchestration


Creating High-Velocity Revenue Growth in today’s competitive sales ecosystem requires a harmonious symphony of players and instruments.  What do you need, how do you do it, and answering the primary question of relevance versus dismissal.