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Enjoy Your New Credit Card Protective Wallet

We’re delighted to give you this small gift that will allow you to stay secure.

Metal Wallet

Why Do I Need a Metal Wallet?

For ultimate security – your new metal wallet!

With the benefits and ease of contactless chip cards, new theft threats also emerged.

Did you know that just as easily as you scan your card at the
counter, any thief with a scanner standing close to you can access your credit card?

Contactless technology, otherwise known as RFID technology, is all around us. Embedded in passports, phones and credit cards, RFID chips make life very simple.

Payment transactions and identification processes become
quicker and hassle-free because all we are required to do is scan our devices. Yet contactless technology also enables contactless theft.

The solution?

An RFID-protected metal wallet, which simply blocks the devices used by skimmers lurking in proximity.

We hope you enjoy your new wallet. We’re happy to help you feel secure as
you go about your day 😊

Check out this video clip to see how the wallet works: